Scandinavian Creatives interviews creative people from the northern countries, who also have a relationship with Berlin. Traditionally, Berlin has been closely connected to the cultural scene in Northern Europe, and has one of the biggest and most vibrant Scandinavian communities in the world.

Don´t panic; this isn’t another Scandinavian stereotype fan blog. Scandinavian culture is more than Ikea and “laks og pølser”- salmon and sausages. We will show you the diversity of this scene, and focus on its creative work.


Is finishing her Master´s degree in Nothern European Studies. Having lived in Norway, she is still closely connected to its cultural life, and that of the other Northern European countries. She focuses on film, literature and gender politics.


Victoria is an art historian and musician, with a Master’s degree in Northern European Studies. She is deeply involved in the art and music scene in Berlin and Northern Europe. After living in Finland and Norway, she now applies her passions to PR and media related project management in Bergen.